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The 1001 Critical Days manifesto highlights the importance of intervening early in the 1001 critical days between conception to age 2 to enhance the outcomes for children.


Babies need parents to attend to their feelings if they are to grow into healthy and happy adults.
We believe parents and infants deserve to be supported in developing bonding and attachment.
This website uses video to show health professionals and parents how to respond to a baby in a way that fosters emotional wellbeing. Parents can download the smartphone app to personalise it for their newborns.

Best beginnings


Kids DevelopmentA website which provides a wide range of information about child development and learning in bite sized pieces. Expert Advice on Your Child's Development...
Experts agree that while developmental milestones matter, each child is a unique individual and as such, will not always learn and grow in a 'textbook' fashion. We cover the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development of children from birth through their teenage years, providing accurate information so that parents can recognise when to relax and when to seek help

CP LogoAccess the 'Community playthings' Learning library here

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"Babies arrive already connected to other people. That’s what a range of sciences is now telling us: that they have brains already tuned in to other people’s body rhythms and vocal tones and movements. It makes them much more communicative and sophisticated than we often realise. In fact, it turns out that their very brain pathways are shaped by the kinds of responses that they receive from other people. "So, to build the kind of society that we all want, we need to pay more attention to the way that we relate to our youngest children. I guess you could say that science is helping us to understand why it is that the way we love our children matters so much.
The Connected baby

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We are dedicated to making the world safer by reducing the root causes of violence, including child abuse and neglect. We do this by:

Understanding the root causes of violence and child abuse;
Identifying global best practice in addressing child abuse and neglect;
Encouraging the adoption of that best practice. Our ultimate aim is to create a wave of action that will end abuse of all children, everywhere.
Our immediate goal is to drive and enable a 70% reduction in child abuse and neglect in the UK by the year 2030.
The Wave trust

Zero to threeZERO TO THREE - Based in America, this is the best website for general information on all aspects of development from the ante-natal period to three years of age, and a source of many useful handouts. It includes details of many different ways of offering early intervention, both home and centre based. Their bi-monthly journal is essential reading

HarvardCENTER ON THE DEVELOPING CHILD - HARVARD UNIVERISTY - Drawing on the full breadth of intellectual resources available across Harvard University's schools and hospitals, the Center on the Developing Child generates, translates and applies knowledge in the service of improving life outcomes for children in the United States and worldwide.

- The purpose of The Communication Trust is to highlight the importance of speech, language and communication across the children's workforce and to enable practitioners to access the best training and expertise to support the communication needs of all children.

'Talk to Your Baby'
is a campaign run by The Literacy Trust to encourage parents and carers to talk more to children from birth to 3


WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN - 'Raising Awareness about the Emotional Needs of Under 3's'. This charity provides information from research for parents, professionals and policy makers, about the critical importance of secure primary attachment for healthy emotional development.


BEGIN BEFORE BIRTH - What happens In the womb can last a lifetime. We are all interested in understanding what makes us who we are. We all also want to make sure that every child gets the best possible start in life. We have known for a long time that how we turn out depends on both our genes and our environment. What we now realise is that the influence of the environment begins in the womb, and how the mother feels during pregnancy can change this environment and can have a lasting effect on the development of her child.  

MPGTHE MINDFUL POLICY GROUP - is dedicated to the creation of a more humane, caring, and psychologically aware society. 'Towards this goal we will promote evidence-based psychological, biological and social research to help create individual and communal psychological welfare and health. Melanie Gill, (MPG Founder Director) and Penelope Leach (MPG Advisory Board) are Committee Member and Advisor to AIMH (UK), respectively.

The Association for Infant Mental Health AIMH (UK), an autonomous body affiliated to the World Association for Infant Mental Health (WAIMH). Infant mental health is the study of mental health as it applies to infants and their families. The field investigates optimal social and emotional development of infants and their families in the first three years of life.
Infant mental health is one of the most exciting and rapidly developing areas in the whole field of mental health. Research has shown that support for parents during their baby's first year can significantly increase the proportion of babies who form secure relationships with their parents, and this has lasting benefits for their subsequent development. A good beginning for young families is a protective factor in coping with life's inevitable stresses. Early intervention when there are difficulties can often prevent the development of mental health problems in later years.

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