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The aim of The Northamptonshire Baby Room Project© is to raise the quality of babies’ experiences by creating a fun, sustainable and an exciting project that enlightens practitioners and parents about their baby’s brain development & empowers practitioners working with young infants to be confident and passionate about their vital work. How people play and interact with babies is key to growing physically and emotionally healthy babies.


The Oxford Parent Infant Partnership (Oxpip), founded in 1998, and her baby sister in Northamptonshire NorPIP(Norpip), are social enterprises. They are funded half by contracts with statutory service providers and half by fundraising efforts. Pips work because they are set up and run by local people within their community. Oxpip and Norpip each have a board of volunteer trustees, who give time, money and knowledge to establishing and developing the service.

Dr. Kathy Goouch and Dr. Sacha Powell
(Canterbury Christ Church University)
The Baby Room Project

Recent research from neuroscience has confirmed what many of us have long known and celebrated: babies are born to learn and to learn from significant people around them (Gopnik, et al., 1999; Greenfield, 2000; Meltzoff and Prinz, 2002). We know that babies learn through watching, conversation and experience. Significantly, we also now understand from research that how babies are cared for in their first year of life, the amount and level of their interactions, their physical, social and emotional encounters all contribute to their development, their growing sense of self, of who they are in relation to others and to the growth of their brain.

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