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IPPR Early development; Bridging the gap between evidence and policy in early years education. August 2013
Imogen Parker, Researcher Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR), August 2013. This report is part of the wider IPPR project ‘Childcare: A strategic national priority?’, which seeks to analyse the case for, and core components of, a more strategic approach to early years provision in the UK, and explore the impact of childcare on gender equality, maternal employment and child development. Further details about this project, including future publications, can be found here.

High-quality early years education and care is a government priority, and the fact that it brings numerous benefits for children, parents and society more widely is beyond doubt. However, there is little consensus on how we should define ‘high-quality care’ from the perspective of child development. What is the evidence which demonstrates how it can best be achieved in the UK?

Requires improvement:
the causes of educational failure
 Sept 2013

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