TCTUniversally Speaking Birth to Five
Universally Speaking is a series of booklets for anyone who works with children and young people. The booklets show where children should be with their communication skills at any given age.
You can use the booklets to find out whether the children you work with are on the right track, what helps them learn to talk and listen and what to do if you have concerns about any of their communication abilities.

NICE LogoEarly years practitioners should be 'systematic and persistent' in encouraging vulnerable parents to use early years services, new NHS guidance on the social and emotional well-being of under-fives states.

New Research; School Readiness; critical review of perspectives and evidence

What happens in the baby room?was inspired by amazement over babies and by a desire to honour those who work with them. When society gets its priorities right, everyone will aspire to the rewarding career of working with babies. Until then, we must at least support those who do.

Guardian logoFocus on the under-fives to give all children an equal chance
The review Frank Field conducted shows the huge difference made by early intervention, yet its key recommendation has been ignored

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Should new research on under-fives reshape our approach to development?
A compelling persuasive report highlights the importance of early child development – and it demands a radical response

Lancet logoChild Development in Developing Countries

Bernard Van leer iconThe Bernard van Leer Foundation is an international grantmaking foundation based in The Hague. Our mission is to improve opportunities for children up to age 8 who are growing up in socially and economically difficult circumstances. We see this both as a valuable end in itself and as a long-term means to promoting more cohesive, considerate and creative societies with equal opportunities and rights for all.

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Working paper series

Science briefs These short analyses review recently published studies in neuroscience and the developmental and behavioral sciences, focusing on their key findings, methods, and contributions to an evolving, integrated knowledge base on early childhood development.


Bernanke says childhood education is key to growth


On the Value of emotional regulation aka 'Keeping your feelings in check'.

Dr. Claudia Gold is a pediatrician whom I have mentioned in previous blogs (see value-emotional-regulation-aka-keeping-your-feelings). In 2011, she published a book called Keeping Your Child in Mind, in which she explores the way that relationships can be used to respond to and reduce children's 'challenging' behaviour, including tantrums and defiance and ADHD. Her book traces this theme throughout all stages of childhood -- right up to adolescence.

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